Mastering Chimney Repairs: Insights from Industry Experts

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Chimneys can exhibit wear and tear over time. This may be due to the weather or eventual degradation of the chimney materials. Chimney repair is a straightforward job, but some professional insights can help you master the process.

There is a difference between DIY tactics and hiring a professional to get the job done. Maintenance involves more than flue cleaning and other aspects of chimney repairs, such as sealing cracks and replacing bricks.

Let’s learn more about mastering chimney repairs by seeking insights from industry experts.

1. Replace Mortar to Keep Bricks Intact

Chimney bricks can become loose and fall apart over time. The mortar used to keep them in place must be restored to keep your chimney in excellent condition. Although mortar works well in holding bricks together, it starts to crumble over time due to exposure to the elements.

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall, you must keep an eye on your chimney’s bricks. Brick takes much longer to deteriorate, meaning the mortar must be repointed to keep your chimney intact.

Mortar can be scraped off using a joint raker. Once the loose bits have fallen off, gently strike the chimney to ensure a smooth working point. Other tools you can use to create an even base for applying mortar are wire brushes and masonry chisels.

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Spray the bricks with water using a garden hose and let them soak. Wait until it gets dry to apply a strong coating of mortar. You can then use a trowel to smooth out the mortar into cracks and open joints as part of the repointing process. Apply generously and maintain an even appearance to ensure a healthy coating.

2. Seal any Water Gaps Using Caulk

Water can cause roof leaks and seep into your home. You can avoid this by sealing any cracks in the chimney’s joints using a sealant. These gaps can form after a few years, meaning yearly maintenance can identify them before the problem worsens.

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Usually, these gaps occur between the chimney flue and the crown. Therefore, using a wire brush to clear out any loose mortar and debris is useful. Once you’ve cleared up the excess particles, you can apply the caulk in the gaps to seal them.

3. Apply Sealant on Chimney Cracks

Applying sealant on chimney cracks is essential to a chimney’s repair process. Mortar is often not enough to get into the hairline cracks and seal them. This requires using a masonry sealer with a specific consistency suitable for reaching deep cracks.

A chimney’s crown is fairly porous, meaning a liquid sealant can act as a preventive measure to stop cracks from forming. Care must be taken to ensure a smooth application of the sealant so that the cracks do not get any bigger.

A one-gallon mixture works well for a double coating, which is required for an average-sized chimney. Since sealants act as a double whammy for preventing water leaks, they should be applied in combination with mortar for the best effects.

4. Replace Broken Bricks

If your chimney has a few broken bricks, they should be replaced quickly before the problem escalates further. Some bricks can get deeply damaged due to exposure to the elements, and you must take care to replace them without damaging others.

This process is not that complicated. All you need to do is chip away at the mortar holding the brick together using a screwdriver. You can even use a drill to make holes in the mortar, allowing you to loosen the brick from further back. Once this is achieved, you can simply pull the bricks out and repair any damage to the adjacent bricks.

When inserting a replacement brick, you should apply a generous coating of mortar on all four sides. Then you should slide it in and use your tools to smooth out the structure from the outside.

Hire a Professional Chimney Repair and Maintenance Company in West Hartford CT

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DIY is only effective if you know what you’re doing. However, it is best to leave your chimney-related jobs to experts who can provide high-quality results.

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