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Climate-Controlled Storage Units – When to Use Them

Some of your belongings may require climate-controlled storage, whether decluttering, renovating, or moving. They are very reliable storage solutions that guarantee high protection. Experts recommend climate control in the following situations:

  • Storing easily damaged items.
  • You need long-term storage.
  • There are extreme temperatures where you live.
  • The items you own are sentimental or expensive.

It is also recommended to use this storage type for particular items that we will highlight in the article. So, keep reading.

Is Climate Controlled Storage Necessary

Certain situations require climate-controlled storage units. Traditional storage units are not a good idea in extreme heat and cold areas. They are usually made of steel and may heat up or freeze depending on the temperature. This feature makes them unreliable for particular items.

Storage companies usually offer a small selection of climate-controlled storage units. Most people think climate-controlled storage units aren’t worth it, but you will be surprised how quickly intense weather can ruin your possessions. So, next time, consider the characteristics of your belongings before renting storage.

Which Items Require Climate-Controlled Storage Units

The cost of climate-controlled storage solutions is high, but they offer many benefits. This type of facility is highly recommended for storing the following items.

Antique and Vintage Items

All old and valuable objects you wish to keep for future generations, whether needlecraft, newspaper articles, photographs or large objects like vintage furniture, should be stored in climate-controlled conditions. Otherwise, excessive humidity and changing temperatures will permanently damage them. Wood retains its form within controlled conditions, leather stays supple, and fabrics remain in good condition.

Artwork and Books

The paintings, handmade crafts, and other art-related items should be stored in climate-controlled storage facilities. There are some requirements if you want to keep works of art in a storage unit – you need to arrange them in cabinets.

Extreme weather conditions, UV rays, and moisture can damage such items. A particular temperature for storing them is easily achieved in climate-controlled units.


Whether you need a climate-controlled unit depends on the type of furniture. If you need to store leather sofas, upholstered or wooden furniture, opt for a storage facility with temperature control.

Musical Instruments

The musicians’ heartbeats and instruments often resonate through the city’s grey skies. Yet, the climate can take a toll on delicate instruments like pianos, violins, and guitars. Climate-controlled storage units step in as protectors, maintaining an environment where wood remains unyielding, strings retain their tension, and music persists in perfect harmony, echoing the timeless traditions of cherished melodies.

Electronic Equipment

Whether you are moving or not, if you need to store your home appliances, always choose climate-controlled storage. Humidity in traditional storage facilities damages electrical appliances and leads to short circuits. However, experts strongly recommend a climate-controlled storage unit for all household appliances and digital gadgets.

Clothing and Fabrics

Humidity, the silent adversary of clothing and textiles, threatens to mar their integrity. Mould, mildew, and invasive insects lurk in the shadows. Climate-controlled storage units present a fortress, protecting your fabrics from these unseen assailants. Whether vintage clothing, wedding dresses, or ancestral quilts, these controlled environments ensure that fashion and tradition endure stitch by stitch.

Wine and Fine Spirits

Are you a wine lover? Well, your options are limited. Keeping your wine bottles in a cool, dry place is the best way to protect them. Otherwise, temperature changes can ruin your wine collection. Storage units with temperature control provide an ideal environment for fine wines and rare spirits, maintaining their flavour and quality.

Important Documents and Records

You should be aware of document and record safety. The moisture is a constant enemy, causing deterioration, yellowing, and mould growth. Climate-controlled storage units stand as bastions, defending legal documents, medical records, and historical archives.

Medical Supplies

For medical supplies, temperature and humidity control is vital. They require an environment that guarantees their quality and safety. Experts suggest climate-controlled storage for vaccines, diagnostics, and research samples. Healthcare professionals and laboratories rely on these facilities to maintain strict storage standards, protecting the public’s health.

As mentioned earlier, when considering their sensitivity to moisture, climate-controlled storage is essential for all the items. Wood, for example, can crack or rot due to moisture exposure. Leather is prone to discolouration and mould growth. However, electronics may crack or rust, making them unusable or hazardous to use in the future. Paper items, like photographs, can also disintegrate or become unreadable over time.

Reasons to Rent a Climate-Controlled Unit

When it comes to storage solutions, the decision to choose a climate-controlled unit goes beyond merely safeguarding the items within; it involves various other crucial factors. Here are additional reasons why opting for such storage units might be in your best interest.

Long-Term Storage

For long-term storage, experts advise hiring a reliable storage service near you. The temperature outside will vary widely in those several months, a year, or longer. It may be hot and dry outside, but that doesn’t always mean it will be that way in the future, so consider any temperature or humidity changes.

However, there are instances when a climate-controlled storage unit may not be necessary. If the items you are storing do not fall into the categories mentioned above, and your storage duration is short – perhaps a month or less for outdoor storage or three months or less for indoor storage – a standard self-storage unit should suffice. Traditional storage units can be a viable option when dealing with items that don’t require the extra protection afforded by climate control.

Harsh Climate

Residents in regions with high heat or humidity have little choice but to opt for climate-controlled storage. Storing items in locations predisposed to elevated temperatures and humidity levels requires proactive measures. External elements possess a knack for infiltrating storage units and exposing belongings to moisture unless specific precautions are taken.

Final Thoughts

So what’s the conclusion? Think twice the next time you hear or read about climate-controlled storage and consider whether you really need it. If you do, make sure you choose a real climate-controlled storage facility that will protect your belongings. You should not store your valuables at risk to their safety. Select a facility with a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment. Furthermore, while keeping your items, avoid mould by packing and loading them carefully. You should always treat your belongings with care!

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